Monday, January 25, 2010

Compliment Yourself




get a


in any

other way,

pay yourself one." ~ Mark Twain

When your last prayer of the day is,

"Thank you God, we had a great day,"

you are paying yourself the greatest compliment of all.

A compliment is two or more in mutual agreement,

and you and the Spirit of the Universe are a good compliment.

Compliments from others are nice but not necessary.

Complimenting others is a kindness that has it own rewards.

Kindness is the spark that can kindle a flame of love.

Love is two souls who compliment each other.

Happiness comes from doing the will of your Higher Power

and knowing that you have done so without concern for

being paid back, even if the payback is only a compliment.

Happiness is recognizing a compliment.

Happiness is helping someone help themselves.

Me and the Boss

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