Thursday, January 28, 2010

Give Life

"We make

a living

by what

we get.

We make

a life

by what

we give."

~ Winston Churchill

Getting or giving, wanting or needing, life is an ebb and flow

of coming and going, what was, what is and what will be.

Sobriety is learning to live in the here and now and to be aware

of the people, places and things that flow through our lives.

Peace of mind is to accept and enjoy the feelings that arise as we

watch the parade of time as it passes us by.

Serenity is to sense the power of the Spirit of the Universe as

it energizes the soul with the love of being alive.

Happiness is giving the best of what you have

to make this world a better place for all.

Happiness is helping someone help themselves.

ME and the Boss

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