Monday, May 17, 2010

Love's Meaning




of love

is measured

by what

it can do.

Love is meant to heal.

Love is meant to renew.

Love is meant to bring us closer to God". ~ Deepak Chopra

Love yourself; keep your body, mind and soul in good physical,

emotional and spiritual condition.

Love others, you do not have to like what they do, think or say

but they are creatures of God and they deserve,

just as you deserve, unconditional love.

Renew your relationships with spouses, children, family and

friends on a daily basis by giving everyone unconditional love.

When problems and troubles arise, love them into submission.

Seek to do the will of a loving Higher Power, the Great Creator,

the Spirit of the Universe, the God of your understanding.

Happiness is having love with a meaning.

Happiness is helping someone help themselves.

ME and the Boss

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  1. To bad I didn't read this earlier.. The good thing, is that by doing exactly what you posted today, I was able to get out of myself and my own misery... What a true blessing!!! Are you reading my mind Michael? Or possibly( more like MOST LIKELY) our precious God is living in our lives.. Once again... Thank You!!!!!!