Saturday, July 24, 2010

Really Happy


only ones

among you

who will be

really happy

are those

who will

have sought

and found

how to serve." ~ Albert Schweitzer

To be of maximum service, do the next right thing,

have kind thoughts, and show a love for self, others

and your Higher Power.

It is not about the money nor is it about the time,

it is about the attitude, the willingness and the concern

for others that makes one really happy.

"Faith without works is dead." ~ James 2-20

Faith, hope and charity makes one really happy.

Believe that you can, know that you can and do

what you can to be a better child of God.

Happiness is being content to be repaid for your service

with God's blessings.

Happiness is helping someone help themselves.

ME and the Boss

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