Sunday, October 10, 2010

Can You See

"It is


with the


that one

can see


what is


is invisible

to the eye." ~ Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Can you see kindness? Can you see love?

Can you see the end of the universe?

Can you see God?

Yes you can see all if you let your heart do the looking.

Enhance your vision by allowing your soul to add

the brilliant color of God's world to your view.

Today, feel with your soul the love that the

Great Creator has put into this world.

Today, look with your heart to see the chance

God will give you to do the next right thing.

Today, know that you can see patience and tolerance

if you learn to use your heart to look at God's world.

Today, let God see you being the person He wants you to be.

Happiness is seeing what God has put into your heart.

Happiness is helping someone help themselves.

ME and the Boss

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